Overwatch: New Paris Map Revealed For PC Test Servers

Overwatch is out with its new map for PC test Servers, and this map is called the Paris. As the name suggests, this map includes the entire landscape of the game with the French city of love.


Paris is the newly added map for the Overwatch and resembles a lot with the narrow streets and memorable landmarks.

In this six vs. six, fighter mode players will enjoy the thrill of encountering enemies from all directions as this new landscape provides players with close combats.

In this PC test server, few of the prominent locations on the Paris map are Patisserie Galand, Cabaret Luna and the Maison Marat which is precisely at the center of this new map.

The Lunar New Year celebratory event is still accessible in the game and players across the world can experience this mind-blowing event mode.

As with every new event in the game, players get an opportunity to access a new item in the game which denotes the culture of the city. This year event, namely the Year of Pig will be available for players to access until the February 8th.

The year of the Pig event mainly denotes the Chinese culture and showcases memorable personalities and generals from the Han dynasty with beautiful skins for characters. Some of the best skins that the Pig event offers are the Lu Bu for Reaper, Guan Yo for Reinhardt, Zhuge Liang for Zenyatta, Brigitte for Tracer and Zhang Fei for Torbjorn.

Also, the Brigitte has a shiny Epic General skin, and the Orisa has the Epic Sanye skins which give them very profound looks. Also, Blizzard has provided fans with previous Lunar New Year event skins as well to increase options for in-game interactions.

The Lunar New Year update has also brought some minor patch for the game resolving few bugs and making game much more fun to play. This patch majorly has reduced the mechanics of the armor as now damaging the armor now results in -3 instead of -5. This would definitely provide a little different in game mechanics as it would require some more hits to damage the opponents with armor.

 Before this update, using automatic weapons provided an extra edge over the burst-fire but with this update using the burst-fire can prove to be much more effective against the opponents with the armor. Overwatch game is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC but this latest Paris map is only available for PC. Hopefully, this map is available for all the devices after its test run.
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