Microsoft Desires to Include Xbox Live in Nintendo Switch

Microsoft recently made an announcement regarding its Xbox live and indicated big future plans for it. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer stated that 2019 is the right time to go for the company.

Xbox Live Nintendo Switch

Previously it was believed that Xbox would reveal its Xbox Live services at the E3, but possibly, users may not have to wait for that long as Xbox is planning to showcase their latest services at the Game Developers Conference on March 2019.

This new Xbox Live services provided by Microsoft is believed to work on different platforms like Android, iOS, PC and Nintendo Switch providing its users with cross-platform access to their favorite games, music and entertainment series.

As Xbox Live already has included Minecraft to its list of provided game services it is not farfetched that Xbox would consist of other Nintendo Switch games as well in the near future.

Microsoft has been using Xbox Live to provide its services and developed games to Xbox One users, but now as it has started to include other developer games as well, players and gamers can enjoy a number of games at a single destination.

It would not only help players to reach out to any game by using Xbox Live services, but it will also improve the user base of Xbox Live and motivate other developers also to join the services.

Such platforms can eventually put an end to the fights and competition between different developers, and would instead motivate them to develop much more fun and exciting games for the community.
By such cross play services, gamers get freedom of accessing all the provided games at any screen or gizmo to play on, by access to their friends, clubs, and communities for better gaming experience and much more fun.

Microsoft is looking forward to increasing their Xbox Live user base from 68 million to 2 billion which is not easy to achieve and requires much more innovation and new planned strategy.
Still, Microsoft has always provided its users with topnotch services for many decades and is quite efficient in implementing new trends for the market.

With the rising mobile gaming market and Nintendo Games to its list, Xbox Live can indeed turn out to be a massive success and introduce a new market for community and fans.

Still, as Microsoft is developing Project xCloud which is a dedicated game streaming service, gamers and streamers would indeed switch to Xbox Live as well. Project xCloud would boost the user base of Xbox Live as players and gamers could also stream their gameplay using the services at the same platform.

Let us wait and observe how Microsoft will execute their plan of action and how much success can it achieve.
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