Man Faces Jail Time after Wrongly Using Fruit Scale to Steal PS4

Today’s era has turned out to be rewarding for gamers, and with the introduction of a new game every day, people around the world are devoted to playing video games.
With the inclusion of powerful gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, gamers can play games like Fortnite and PUBG in 4k resolution with 60-129 fps.
Man Faces Jail Time after Wrongly Using Fruit Scale to Steal PS4
But such consoles are quite expensive to afford and requires a lot of savings for purchasing such costly devices. Still, a determined man chose a much more challenging route to get his hands on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

A 19-year-old man named Adel prospected a foolproof plan of shoplifting a PS4 from a grocery store. This French man went to a grocery store in Nice, France where he strategically planned to bring home a PlayStation 4 to his home.

Adel managed to fool the grocery stores Kiosk’s weighing scale by placing PS4 instead of the fruits to weigh and luckily the machine indeed printed a $10 billing slip.

Adel used an opaque shopping bag to hide the PS4 inside it and placed the bag on the weighing scale, depicting that he had instead bought some fruits and is weighing them to pay his bill.

And interestingly the scale printed a $10 bill instead of the cost of the PS4, surprisingly his plan worked in his favor, and he was successful in leaving the store without anyone suspecting him.

Still, Adel made a slew of stupid decisions and created a trap for himself. Although Adel successfully got out of the store with brand new PS4, he sold the console as soon as he could to purchase a train ticket.

He did so as he became overconfident with his first act of fooling the store and believed he could pull off another such heist, but little did he know that the store authorities went into red alert after knowing about the missing PS4 from the store.

Boosted with overconfidence, Adel revisited the same store on the next day and executed the similar tactics of hiding the PS4 inside an opaque bag.

But this time the luck factor didn’t play its role, and the alert security officials of the store managed to catch him red-handed. The security of the store took Adel in their custody and handed him over to the Police as the cops arrived.

The police officials filed a case of property theft against Adel and sent him to the jail to make him pay his dues. People should really understand their moral code of conduct, and they should not indulge in such lame activates just for the sake of fun.

It is understandable that the demand of consoles and video games are rising amongst the youth, but they should also understand the real world consequences, as inside a video game you may re-spawn unlimited times, but no such possibilities exist in the actual world.
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