How to Set Up Folders and Group Apps on iPhone?

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A well-organized iPhone will save your time along with avoiding the mess. Creating folders on iPhone is an outstanding way to minimize the scattered clutter all around. Group the apps altogether and use the phone. If all the music apps are at the proper place, then don’t hunt via the folders for accessing them. It is effortless to make folders once you get to know about the process. It is very easy.

Steps to Make Folders and Group Apps on iPhone

For creating a folder
  1. At least two of the apps are required to be put in a folder.
  2. Get to know which one you need to access.
  3. Make a slight tap and gold the apps till all apps that are present there on the screen starts to shake.
  4. Drop down one of the applications that are on top.
  5. If the application begins mixing to another one then get the finger off the display.
  6. A folder will be created.
Whatever you see next will depend on the iOS version that you are using. If it is iOS 7 or higher, then the folder and the suggested name will take entire screen up. If it is iOS4-6, then there will be two apps with the name of the folder.
  1. Just update the title of the folder by ticking title and by the aid of the on-screen console.
  2. The user needs to add apps to a folder then click the wallpaper for minimizing the folder.
  3. To the new folder, drag more apps.
  4. Tap Home button if you have added all of the apps that you need to edit.
  5. The made changes will get saved.
  6. Click and hold the folder until it starts to move for editing a previously existent folder.
  7. Click it once more till the folder gets one.
  8. The screen will be filled up with the content.
  9. Tap on the text to edit the name of the folder.
  10. Attach some added applications by pulling them under.
  11. Tap the home button for saving the changes.

How are the names of Folders suggested?

Whenever you make any folder, a name is suggested to it. The name that has been chosen is based on specific categories. For example- If apps have been coming off the sports section then the name of the folder will be games. It is entirely up to you if you need to add some other names or you want to use the suggested name.

How to add the folders on the iPhone Dock?

Dock means those four apps that are at the bottom of the iPhone. If you want, then you can add folders to dock.
Steps to Add folders to Dock:
  1. Move apps that are presently in the dock.
  2. Do this just by pulling it to the prominent screen area.
  3. Take the folder to space.
  4. Tap the Home button.
  5. Save the changes.

How to Make the Folders on iPhone 6S, 7, 8 and X?

It is a little challenging to make folders on these sets. The reason behind is the 3D Touch screen. In this screen, the different response will be there for a different touch. Do not tap too hard if you are having one out of those two phones.

Steps to remove the apps from the folders:

  1. Click and hold the folder that the user needs to eliminate the app off.
  2. If folders and apps start to wiggle then remove the finger off the screen.
  3. Click the folder which you need to eliminate the application.
  4. Drag app out from the folder towards the home screen.
  5. Save new arrangements by tapping the home button.

Steps to delete a folder on iPhone:

It is similar to removing the app.
  1. Just drag the apps from the folder towards the home screen.
  2. The folder will get disappear while doing this.
  3. Tap the Home button and save the made changes.
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