Top 5 Beauty Applications For Android

Fed up of going to the salons? Want to try applying makeup on yourself for the first time? Want to experiment with makeup? Many people apply makeup in their free time because they consider it as their hobby. Some have even made it as their profession and are earning a lot of money from it. If you too want to make makeup a part of your life and are worried about how to get started, then this blog is perfect for you.
top 5 beauty applications for android

Try out the best beauty apps and get a complete makeover!

  1. ModiFace Makeup
ModiFace Makeup is among the top beauty applications for Android phone users. Luckily, people can take advantage of this app in other devices as it is also available in iPhone and Windows App store. It has plenty of features to beautify. It has many virtual beauty products that you can put on without actually trying them out on your face. It comprises a variety of options starting from different shades of lipstick to different shades of eyeshadows. It even offers different types of hairstyles that you can try. If it suits you, then you can also go to the salon and get the same before attending any party. The person using this app for the first time will surely like to use it again and again.
  • The Glam App
As you carry your phone with you everywhere because it is handy, be happy because this application is a part of it too. This beauty application can help you save a lot of time. This is so because this can beautify your entire face in just a few seconds.
  • L’oreal Makeup Genius
This application is introduced by the famous beauty company of L’oreal. It is better than the other beauty applications as it can modify more than 60 areas of the face and give finishing touchup.
  • Pretty In My Pocket
It is an excellent app. Most of my friends use this app. The major reason behind using this app is that it can provide you with an accurate review. This leads you to know about the customer reviews before you spend money on any of the beauty products. All my friends rely entirely on this app before experimenting with a new beauty product.
  • YouCam Makeup
This is a special type of application as it not only allows you to change your hairstyle in a few seconds but also offers you different colours that you can try with it according to your preference.
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