Top 4 Tricks To Make Your YouTube Work

There are some situations when suddenly YouTube doesn’t work at all. It happened last year in October for more than sixty minutes. Mostly everyone observed it.
But there are other cases when YouTube facility is working, but the net connected with YouTube doesn’t work correctly.
top 4 tricks to make your youtube work

Tricks to help you fix YouTube problem quickly.

Some ways by which you can see videos on YouTube without facing any kind of a problem are as follows-
1.    Relaunch YouTube
Go to your browser and write to ascertain if videos will work in a browser. If they work, try to open the YouTube application.
  • You should go to the browser and then write Most of the time, this solves the issue.
2.    Update The Application, Browser And System
Updating software usually solves YouTube connection problems. So you should always keep checking for updates for the YouTube application. The method of doing it is as follows-
  • Firstly, on iOS, click on the Play Store, then click on Updates.
  • After that, select ‘Updates All’ to download all the updates that are present.
On Android, the method is a bit similar.
  • Firstly, go to the App Store and after that to the Menu.
  • Then, select ‘My applications and games’.
  • Lastly, press ‘Update All’.
3.    Use Chrome
You should download the Chrome browser and after that try to avail with Chrome. As Google manages both of them so both of them can work correctly together.
The method of doing it is as follows. Follow all the steps carefully.
  • With the help of any browser, visit
  • After that, press ‘Download Chrome’ to download Chrome for your gadget.
4.    Look Account Fully
Ensure that you are login with an account that avail the video that you’re trying to see, since some video has settings which stop availing to people with a specific account. Hopefully, this step will make your YouTube start working.
  • You can visit to view your details of the account. Or else, Hit your account picture which is located at the right side on the top.
  • After that, you can choose ‘Add account’ to log in with another account or else hit sign out from every account that has been shown.
  • Now, check if the videos are playing on Youtube or not.
Hope this blog would have been useful to you.
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