Guide to Installing ADB & Fastboot on Windows, Linux & Mac

Both the tools of ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot are vital for Android connoisseur. They are kind of elixirs that can do much of things ranging from backup devices to change in the display resolution. You can download and install it with a few quick clicks. ADB command is a tool which Google provides to its developers for debugging several parts of their system. It can be used for all variety of hidden tricks.

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You have first to operate Toolkit of Android SDK that is enveloped with ADB, Fastboot tools. Google periodically updates this toolkit. The rate of installation process can be depended on the OS (operating system).  Once you have done with it, ensure that you press the section of “All Operating Systems” for completing the work.

Installation of Android SDK Tools in Windows

The users of Windows can efficiently run the .exe file. For installing the Android SDK toolkit, you have to follow the steps. But after completion of installation, you will get the prompt message for updating the SDK Tools. If you get the menu bar then ensure that “Android SDK Platform-tools” button is chosen after that you can press “Install”. When this installation process is completed, a tool of Android SDK will be kept in location path of [C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\folder]. This location path is needed while launching a command window inside the folder of platform-tools where you will have to install ADB commands. For getting integration with your device, you can load the drivers of ADB.

Installation of standalone ADB tool in Windows

Firstly, you need to download the application named ADB installer and then run the file with the following timely notices. After this, you will employ ADB and Fastboot commands. For doing this, you have to visit [C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\folder], then press the shift key and then right-click on any vacant space. You can pick out the option of “Open command window here”.

Installation of Android SDK Tools in Mac

You can extract the Zip file to the folder that you can access quickly. Similarly here you should remember the location path of the folder because here you can launch a command window or Terminal. You can go to the folder of “android-sdk-macosx” then navigate the folder of “tools”. Now, you can double press the file of “android” to open the Android SDK installation kit. You should ensure that the option of “Android SDK Platform-tools” is chosen and then press “Install”. After doing this, you have to press the “Accept” button while prompted notifications about the license agreements.

Installation of standalone ADB tool in Mac & Linux

In case of Mac or Windows, you can’t install tools like ADB and Fastboot. You can use a Terminal window/command. But, you don’t require to be worried about operating command “cd” to obtain ADB or Fastboot tools. You can install these tools in that method permitting to employ them from any directory. For installing ADB and Fastboot, you have to operate a script. As Terminal command will manage to download, there is no real file or folder to load. You have to execute the command in Terminal. For running the command, you should have proper internet network. You have to insert the passcode to continue.

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