Simple tricks to clear Windows 10 Drive Space after installing new 1809 version

Recently, Microsoft launched its new 1809 version for Windows 10, if you have installed this new version on your computer you may have noticed that it has utilised a considerable amount of space of your disk drive. When you conduct an in-place update on your system, a lot of files from the previous version of Windows are saved to your systems disk drive which you may never require, but it is done for recovering system files in case of failed installation of the new version, or the user wishes to switch back to your previous version.

Although if the new version is installed correctly and you are satisfied by the latest update and don’t desire to switch to the old version you can recover up to 15 to 20 GB of your disk space by deleting the old files from the storage. But do remember once those files are gone you cannot switch back to the older version. So if you are sure of deleting the old files follow these simple tricks to do so.

Clearing space by “System Storage Settings”
  1. Head to “Windows Settings”.
  2. Choose “System” from settings.
  3. Choose the “Storage” option.
  4. Then, under storage options select “Change how we free up space automatically”.
  5. After that, select “Delete the previous version of windows” option in the “Free up space now” pop up.
  6. Choose “Clean now” option to free up system disk space.
By following these steps, you will delete all the temporary files and previous installation setup files of windows, which would provide you with ample free space.

Clearing space by “Temporary files”

When you upgrade to new version system creates temporary files to help the user switch to the previous version if he feels so. So you can also delete those temporary files, to delete them follow these steps.
  1. Head to “Settings” app.
  2. Choose “System” form settings.
  3. Choose the “Storage” option.
  4. Then, under storage sense, Choose “Free up space now” option
  5. Select “Previous Windows installation “option under “Remove temporary files”. You can also select various other temporary files from here.
  6. Choose “Remove files” option.
By undermining these steps accurately, you can successfully remove all the temporary files on your system. 

Clearing space by “Disk Cleanup” feature
  1. Disk cleanup has been a feature that has been included in past versions, even though Microsoft is disabling this feature shortly; you can still use this method on the 1809 version. To apply this trick follows the given steps.
  2. Head to the “start menu”.
  3. Look up for the “Disk Cleanup” option.
  4. Choose “Clean up system files” option.
  5. Select “Previous Window installation” option. You can also select various other junk files from here.
  6. Choose “Ok” option and proceed.
By following these steps, you can clean the disk drive and free up a lot of space for storing other files and documents.

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