How to Remove or Hide Books from the Apple Books App

Books is a fantastic app that allows Apple device users to purchase and read books on their devices. If you are a bookworm who likes to read a lot, or if you are conducting research and need to refer to a lot of material, then you can use the Books app. It makes it easy to carry a number of books, and you can access them from anywhere. But, if you are also a book hoarder, then you may end up cluttering the Books app. In order to organize your Books app so that locating books becomes easier, you will have to remove some books. Owing to the abundance of free stuff and samples in the store, you may end up downloading more books than you need. Let's check the process for tidying up your Books app.  

How to remove downloaded books from the Books app?
  1. Go to the Books app on your device.
  2. Tap/Click on the Library option located in the lower tray.
  3. Now, review all the books and determine the ones you do not need.
  4. If the book contains a cloud logo next to it, then it means that it hasn't been downloaded to the device. The book is still in the cloud, and you will have to click on it to download it.
  5. If you can see the New sign or the level of percentage read, then it implies that the item is saved on the device.
  6. Tap/Click on the menu icon located in the right side.
  7. Select Remove from the list of options.
One may think that this action will remove the item from the library. However, the Remove feature just removes the download and makes more memory space. And, the book is still present in the library.  

How to hide purchased books in Apple Books app?
  1. Select the book you wish to hide.
  2. Hit the menu icon located to its right.
  3. The book will have a cloud logo next to it because it has been removed from the device but still exists in the iCloud.
  4. Open the menu again by tapping on the ellipsis.
  5. Choose the option for hiding the book.
Go back to the Library, and the book will be absent. This method is not perfect as the item does not get deleted and is just hidden. However, it is the best possible way to hide the book. When a user buys a book or downloads a free one, it gets listed as a purchase. A record of all the purchases is given in the account, and the user cannot undo it. For this reason, books cannot be deleted.
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