Google is Rolling Out Stories on Search

Google is revamping its interface by adding a new feature to its search. Similar to other social networking giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Google is also rolling out its own version of visual stories for example images, videos, and text. Snapchat used the feature in its app which went popular across the world.

The company is looking forward to developing a new way to display the stories on smartphones which let the user access the news feeds and entertainment. In the company’s blog post, it was reported by the Google Images director of engineering that Google Company will be working to create the Stories format in which it will take the use of artificial intelligence to generate the stories of content which will be under the search and image results. The director of engineering further added that the sorties would be focusing on the celebrities and famous personalities.

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The objective of the AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages Stories is to provide a partial view of the moments of lives of famous personalities in a visual format. The Stories was a feature introduced by Snapchat first and later adopted by Facebook, Instagram and now Google. It is not sure whether the Stories button will be there in the homepage or not, but it has been stated that while selecting a particular story; it will open with options to full-screen slideshow format which is quite similar to the Snapchat and Instagram.

Accelerated mobile Pages story format is an open source which anyone can use, but Google is only showing the stories from the selected publishers which include those who helped or partnered the company on development on its own site. Additional to the new feature there are more updates that the company has revealed about like a new Activity Card located at the search results, Collections which contains the saved items from Activity Card and a Featured Videos option which will bring the videos related to the search results.

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