How to Enable Fortnite Cross-Platform Feature

If Fortnite wasn’t a big enough game already, it got even bigger by reaching out to all the possible platforms. It has already made its mark on iPhones, iPads, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and much more. With a release on Android just around the corner, the game has gotten more popular than one can imagine. So if you plan on having a game night with all your friends, the different platforms that you play on can be quite a pain. Enabling crossplay (cross-platform playing) on Fortnite can be a tricky feature to access, but Epic Games has ensured that nothing can dull out the user experience while playing across any of these platforms.

However, Sony has been a wet blanket about allowing cross-platform games between PS4 and Xbox One and PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Apart from these two combinations, every other platform is compatible with the rest. Here is how you can hold crossplay matches on Fortnite: Creating a match on Fortnite entails a different set of steps depending on the platform. With Fortnite 3.4 version it became easier to match with players using a different platform. You can now make use of the Party Finder option located in the Main Menu to invite your Epic Games friends. Thus, having an Epic Games account is essential.
  1. Visit the developer’s official website ( and register for an Epic Games account. If you play on a PC or Mobile, you will already have an Epic Games account. For Xbox or PS4, you need to log in through the device to link it with your account. Once you have an Epic Games account, irrespective of the platform, your game progress and stats will be saved against this account.
  2. In the Fortnite Battle Royale Lobby, you will be given the option to add your friends using their Epic Games account. Enter their Epic mail address or their username to invite them. They will start showing as your Epic Friends once they accept your request.
  3. Set your own account privacy settings to either Public or Friends so that your friends can invite you to battles and view your profile.
  4. Choose between the Duos or the Squad mode of playing Fortnite.
  5. Your friends can find you using your Epic Games account and join you using the Party Finder feature present in the menu of Battle Royale Lobby.
That’s it, through these steps, you can easily transcend the platform boundaries all thanks to the flexibility offered by Epic Games.

Since you are using cross-platform mode, your opponents will be selected in the Mobile – Console – PC in decreasing order. You will be matched from the highest platform to the lowest. For example, if you have two players on Console and three on PC, your squad will be in the Console lobby, leaving you at a slight disadvantage. Furthermore, voice chat might be a bit of an issue due to the cross-platform play. Putting these few drawbacks aside, knowing that you can enjoy Fortnite with your friends is in itself is a thrilling experience!

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